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Risk Assessment Documents - ORR

Bullet Baseline Risk Assessments

BulletRemedial Investigation/Feasibility Study Environmental Assessment Report South Campus Facility, Oak Ridge Tenn [DOE/OR/02-1274&D]
BulletBaseline Risk Assessment for Lower East Fork Poplar Creek [DOE/OR/1119 & D2 & V2]
BulletRemedial Investigation/ Feasibility Study Report for Lower Watts Bar Reservoir Operable Unit [DOE/OR/01 1282 & D1] [ORNL/ER-2]
BulletThe Utility of Existing Data Conducting a CERCLA Baseline Risk Assessment for Lower Watts Bar Reservoir (draft) [ORNL/ER-?]
BulletEast Fork Poplar Creek Sewer Line Beltway Remedial Investigation Report [DOE/OR/02-1119&D2]

Bullet Screening Risk Assessments

BulletPreliminary Assessment of Radiation Doses to the Public from Cesium 137 Contamination Along Railroad Tracks in Oak Ridge [ORNL/ER-28]
BulletPhase I Data Summary Report for the Clinch River Remedial Investigation, Human Health Risk and Ecological Risk Screening Assessment [ORNL/ER -155]
BulletScreening Level Risk Assessment for Off-site Ecological Effects in Surface Waters Downstream from US DOE ORR [ORNL/ER-8]
BulletPreliminary Screening of Contamination in the Off-site Surface Water Environment and Downstream of the U.S. Department of Energy Oak Ridge Reservation [ORNL/ER-9]

Bullet Other Risk Results

BulletTransport and Accumulation of Cesium 137, and Mercury in the Clinch River and Watts Bar Reservoir System [ORNL-ER-7]
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