The Risk Assessment Information System

Using The RAIS to Accomplish Your Goals


The Risk Assessment Information System (RAIS) is a web-based system used to disseminate risk tools and supply information for risk assessment activities. Taking advantage of searchable and executable databases, menu-driven queries, and data downloads using the latest Web technologies, the RAIS offers essential tools and information for the risk assessment process and can be tailored to meet site-specific needs.

This tutorial is designed to assist the user in understanding and applying available RAIS tools to the risk assessment process. You are guided through a focused case study that will demonstrate how to utilize many of the tools and information available on the RAIS. This tutorial will assist in:

  1. developing a conceptual site model,
  2. determining appropriate preliminary remediation goals for screening/comparisons,
  3. identifying and selecting the chemicals of potential concern,
  4. extracting information for a toxicity assessment,
  5. calculating risk/hazards, and
  6. documenting portions of the risk assessment report.

Before beginning this tutorial, a brief overview of risk assessment can be gained from the mini tutorial What is Risk Assessment?

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