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RAIS Risk Exposure Models for Radionuclides User's Guide

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The RAIS presents this updated Risk calculator in response to the following: incorporating chemical-specific parameters from the lastest EPI release, addition of air as a media, and conversion to a new database structure. The previous RAIS Risk calculator presented Risks for radionuclides and chemcials together. Recent development of chemical and radionuclide exposure equations has necessitated that the RAIS separate the chemicals and the radionuclides. To calculate risks for chemicals, use the RAIS Risk Exposure Models for Chemicals calculator.

Currently the agricultural equations for the RAIS chemical and radionuclide risk calculators are identical. The EPA's Preliminary Remediation Goals for Radionuclide Calculator offers more biota choices but with a different plant/soil/water uptake method. The EPA's resident soil equation includes ingestion of produce and the RAIS radionuclide equation does not to be consistent with the chemcial risk equation.

1. Introduction

2. Understanding the Calculator Results

3. Using the Radionuclide Risk Calculator

4. Land Use Descriptions, Equations, and Technical Documentation

5. Recommended Default Exposure Parameters

6. References

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