PORTS: Relative Risk Ranking Sites

These rankings are based on the EM-40 Release Site Methodology.

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Please note that not all of the listed sites are linked to further information.

  1. 5-Unit Area Groundwater Plume
  2. 7-Unit Area Groundwater
  3. Barren Area
  4. Big Run Creek
  5. Chemical and Petroleum Containment Basins/Tanks Near X-533A
  6. Don Marquis, Substation, Associated Containment Ponds, Drainage Ditches, and Construction Spoils
  7. East Drainage Ditch
  8. GCEP Underground Storage TankS
  9. Little Beaver Creek
  10. Mount Gilead Cemetery
  11. North Drainage Ditch & Construction Fill Area
  12. Northeast Drainage Ditch
  13. Old Northwest Firing Range
  14. Peter Kiewit Landfill/XT-847 Warehouse
  15. Process Waste Line Soils (X-700, X-705)
  16. Railroad Spur Yard Storage Area
  17. Recirculating Cooling Water System
  18. Recirculating Cooling Water System
  19. Recirculating Cooling Water System
  20. Recirculating Cooling Water System and Blowdown Line
  21. Sanitary Sewer System & X-614A Sewage Lift Station
  22. Sanitary Sewer System and X-614P Northeast Sewage Lift Station
  23. Sanitary Sewer System, X-614B Sewage Lift Station
  24. Sanitary Sewer System/X-614D Sewage Lift Station
  25. Storm Sewer System (C,K,L & M)
  26. Storm Sewer System (D & E)
  27. Storm Sewer System (F,G, H, N & O)
  28. Storm Sewers A, B, and J
  29. Transformer Cleaning/Storage Pad
  30. West Drainage Ditch
  31. X-1007 Fire Station
  32. X-100L Environmental Control Trailer
  33. X-101A Credit Union Trailer
  34. X-1020 Engineering Operations Center
  35. X-103 Auxiliary Office Building
  36. X-104 Guard Headquarters
  37. X-104A Indoor Firing Range
  38. X-105 Electronic Maintenance Building
  39. X-108E C-Portal
  40. X-108H Pike Avenue Portal
  41. X-109A Personnel Monitoring Building/Waste Oil Reclamation Facility
  42. X-109B Personnel Monitoring Building
  43. X-1107 DP, DV, EP, EV Northeast and Northwest Pedestrian and Vehicle Portals
  44. X-1107AV Interplant Portal (Vehicular)
  45. X-111A Monitoring Portal and X-111B Portal Northwest
  46. X-114A Firing Range
  47. X-116 Storage Trailer
  48. X-120 Old Training Facility Site
  49. X-206H Parking Lot
  50. X-2207D Parking Lot/Cylinder Storage Yard A
  51. X-2230M Southwest Holding Pond
  52. X-2230N West Holding Pond No. 2
  53. X-230J1 East Environmental Sampling Building
  54. X-230J3 West Environmental Sampling Building and Intermittent Containment Basin
  55. X-230J5 West Holding Pond and Oil Separation Basin
  56. X-230J6 Northeast Holding Pond & Secondary Oil Collection Basin
  57. X-230J7 East Holding Pond and Oil Separation Basin
  58. X-230J9 North Environmental Sampling Building
  59. X-230K South Holding Pond, Waste Pile & X-617 pH Adjustment Facility
  60. X-230L North Holding Pond
  61. X-231A Southeast Oil Biodegradation Plot
  62. X-231B Southwest Oil Biodegradation Plot
  63. X-300 Plant Control Facility
  64. X-3000 Central Control Building
  65. X-3001 Process Building (GCEP) - Inactive
  66. X-3002 Process Building (GCEP) - Inactive
  67. X-326 Process Building
  68. X-330 Process Building
  69. X-333 Process Building
  70. X-334 Transformer Storage and Cleaning Building
  71. X-3346 Feed and Withdrawal Facility - Inactive
  72. X-342A Feed Vaporization and Fluorine Generation Building, X-342B Fluorine Storage Building, and X-342C Waste HF Neutralization Pit
  73. X-343 Feed Vaporization and Sampling Facility
  74. X-344A Facility
  75. X-344A Settling Tank
  76. X-344B/C Uranium Hexafluoride Sampling Facility
  77. X-344D HF Neutralization Pit
  78. X-344E Gas Ventilation Stack
  79. X-344F Safety Building
  80. X-345 Special Nuclear Material Storage Building
  81. X-530 A-G Switchyard and Associated Buildings
  82. X-533A-J Switchyard and Associated Buildings
  83. X-600 Coal Fired Steam Plant; X-600A Coal Storage Yard; X-621 Coal-Pile Runoff Treatment Facility
  84. X-605H Booster Pump House and Appurtenances, X-605I Chlorinator Building, X-605J Diesel Generator Building
  85. X-611 Water Treatment Plant and Appurtenances
  86. X-611A Lime Sludge Lagoons
  87. X-611B Sludge Lagoon
  88. X-612 Elevated Water Tank
  89. X-615 Abandoned Sewage Treatment Facility
  90. X-616 Effluent Control Facility/ Chromium Sludge Lagoons
  91. X-618 North Holding Pond Storage Building
  92. X-626 Recirculating Cooling Water Pump House and Cooling Tower
  93. X-630-1 Recirculating Water Pump House and X-630-2 A&B Cooling Towers
  94. X-630-3 Acid Handling Station
  95. X-633 Recirculating Water Pump House and Cooling Towers
  96. X-640-1 Pump House and Associated Underground Diesel Storage Tanks
  97. X-640-2 Elevated Water Tank
  98. X-6619 Sewage Treatment Facility
  99. X-700 Chemical Cleaning Facility Soils
  100. X-700 CT Chemical and Petroleum Storage Containment Tanks
  101. X-700 Tank No. 6
  102. X-700 Tank No. 7
  103. X-700 Tank No. 8
  104. X-700A Air Conditioning Equipment Building
  105. X-700T TCE/TCA Outside Storage Tank Soils
  106. X-701A Lime House
  107. X-701B Area Groundwater
  108. X-701B Holding Pond & Retention Basin Soils
  109. X-701BP Northeast Oil Biodegradation Plot
  110. X-701C Neutralization Pit Soils
  111. X-701D Water De-ionization Facility
  112. X-701E Neutralization Building
  113. X-701F Effluent Monitoring Building
  114. X-705 Decontamination Building Soils
  115. X-705A Radioactive Waste Incinerator/X-705B Contaminated Burnables Storage Lot Soils
  116. X-705D Heating Booster Pump Building
  117. X-710 Technical Services Building/Neutralization Pit Soils
  118. X-720 Maintenance Building Soils
  119. X-720 Neutralization Pit & Soils
  120. X-720A Maintenance Building Gas Manifold Shed
  121. X-720B Radio Base Station Building
  122. X-720C Paint and Oil Storage Building
  123. X-734 Old Sanitary Landfill; X-734A Construction Spoils Landfill; X-734B Old Construction Spoils Landfill
  124. X-735 Sanitary Landfill (North)
  125. X-735 Sanitary Landfill (South) & X-735 Building
  126. X-740 Soils and GW
  127. X-741 Oil Drum Storage Facility
  128. X-744B Salt Storage Building
  129. X-744H Bulk Storage Building
  130. X-744J Bulk Storage Building
  131. X-744L Store and Maintenance Warehouse
  132. X-744N, X-744P, X-744Q Warehouse, and Associated Old Construction Headquarters Area
  133. X-744RW Retrievable Waste Storage Area
  134. X-744S, X-744T, X-744U Warehouses
  135. X-744W Surplus and Salvage Warehouse
  136. X-744Y Storage Yard & X-744G Bulk Storage Building Soils. ***
  137. X-745B Process Gas Yard
  138. X-745C West Cylinder Storage Yard
  139. X-745E Process Gas Yard
  140. X-745F Process Gas Yard
  141. X-747A, B, C, D, and E Material Storage Yards
  142. X-747F Miscellaneous Material Storage Yard
  143. X-747G Northeast Contaminated Material Storage Yard Soils
  144. X-747H Northwest Surplus and Scrap Yard
  145. X-748 Truck Scales
  146. X-749 Contaminated Materials Disposal Facility/X-120 Groundwater Plume
  147. X-749 North Contaminated Materials Disposal Facility
  148. X-749 South Contaminated Materials Disposal Facility
  149. X-749A Classified Materials Burial Grounds
  150. X-750 Fuel Station & Waste Oil Tank
  151. X-751 Mobile Equipment Maintenance Shop
  152. X-752 Hazardous Waste Storage Facility
  153. X-760 Pilot Investigation Building & Neut. Pit Soils
  154. X-7725 Recycle Assembly Building, X-7745R, Recycle Assembly Storage Yard and Initial Construction Bulk Fuel Storage Area (BFS)
  155. X-7725A Waste Accountability Facility (GCEP) and X-7727H Transfer Corridor (GCEP)
  156. X-7726 Centrifuge Training and Test Facility