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Health Effects Assessment Summary (HEAST) for


CAS: 000072-43-5

Summary of HEAST Information on-Line

Subchronic and Chronic Toxicity
Chronic [RfD]:IRIS
Subchronic [RfD]:on-Line
Chronic [RfC]:IRIS

Subchronic and Chronic Toxicity (Other than Carcinogenicity)

Subchronic [RfD]:
(see comment)
5E-3 mg/kg/day

Uncertainty Factor: 1000

Route: Oral: gavage

Target Organ / Critical Effect: Reproduction / Loss of litters

Species Effect Level Dose Experiment Length
Rabbit NOEL 5.01 mg/kg/day 13 days

1989 Kincaid Enterprises, Inc. 1989. MRID No. 0015992. Available from EPA. Write to FOI, EPA, Washington, DC 20460.
1990 U.S. EPA. 1990. RfD/RfC Work Group.

Subchronic [RfD] Comments: The chronic oral RfD was adopted as the subchronic oral [RfD].

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